Sunday Praise

Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone. Now therefore, our God, we thank You, and praise Your glorious name. – 1 Chronicles 29:12-13 (NASB)

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Building Blocks of Faith

What makes us fruitful for God’s Kingdom? 2 Peter 1:5-7 shows us the building blocks of an active faith in Jesus that produces fruit: “Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence: in your faith supply moral excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge, and in your knowledge, self-control, and in your self-control, perseverance, […]

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Where Righteousness Dwells

In our fallen world full of sinful behavior, it’s hard to picture a place where there is no crime; a place where someone’s word is trustworthy; a place with no need for locks; a place with no sickness, sorrow or death; a place full of righteousness. This is what the new Heaven and the new […]

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Prayer Journey — Hope

This morning I think of my mom in your presence dear Lord, yet I grieve that she is gone from our midst. I pray this grief I feel will remind me of being separated from you dear God. May my heart long for your presence. May that feeling guide me with your wisdom. Help me […]

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Sunday Praise

And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures; and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying,“Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen.” – Revelation 7:11-12 […]

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Prayer Journey — Gone

Today I reflect on the loss of my mom. I am grateful to you dear Lord for life — her deep faith that laid a solid foundation in my life. I thank you for the time we had over the last few months as she slipped from this life into eternity. I praise you that […]

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November Publication Schedule

The first week in November will feature two new poems on the temporal nature of life. Posts for November 16 and 18 will feature a mini study on Jonah and second chances. Below is a recap of the schedule for November. Posts are usually published at 6 a.m. Sunday: “Sunday Praise”: A weekly scripture of […]

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Sunday Praise

I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to You among the nations. For Your lovingkindness is great to the heavens And Your truth to the clouds. Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Let Your glory be above all the earth. – Psalm 57:9-11 (NASB)

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