Prayer Journey—Life

As I take a breath this morning, I praise you dear God for giving me life. More importantly, I praise you for giving me eternal life through the death and resurrection of your son Jesus. Such a precious gift you have given, to walk with you, with your Spirit dear God. I am humbled by […]

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Prayer Journey—Infinite Love

You dear God are in all things. Your greatness knows no bounds. Even the vastness of the heavens cannot contain you. You are all knowing, eternal, ever present. Next to you I am but a tiny grain of sand on an expansive beach. Yet you hold that grain of sand in the palm of your […]

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Prayer Journey–Who knows?

Why do I listen to what others say about me and not what you say about me dear God? You intimately know me and who I am. You know my every move, my thoughts, and my faults. You created me, made me who I am, brought me to this point in my life. While others […]

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Prayer Journey — Guidance

May I rest in you dear God. You are everlasting. Your truth is eternal. Your hope never fails. From the beginning of the earth to this moment, you have been present. You make yourself known to the generations. Fill me with your wisdom. Guide me as I seek to tell others about the hope you […]

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