Hope Cuts Through

In the cold, hard cell

Steel chills my bones

Solid walls do not move

Bare hand against iron

Stark, empty room

Devoid of any color

Except the rust of time

Its reds and browns

I look for a way out

Frantically pacing

Pressing hardened walls

Immovable, impenetrable

Surrounded by four walls

I sit in the center

Of that steel cell

Curled up in a ball

Tears rusting the steel

I realize this hopeless cell

Is of my own making

Corners welded tight

To hold me in

Then a light from above

Encircles my tired body

Encapsulated by a beam

Too brilliant to see its source

Deep in sorrow and pain

Mourning things lost

I only looked before me

I never looked up

A voice from above me

echoes against steel walls

“Be still and know

that I am God.”

I peer up from the floor

A lone figure before me

Fiery torch in hand

Shielded face hidden

Torch pointed

Against the wall

Sparks fly above me

Molten metal forms

Hands shield my face

Until the sparks stop

The lone figure motions

For me to stand up

I rise and see a small hole

In the steel wall before me

I step to that solid wall

Cold metal against my face

I peer through that hole

Seeing hope for the first time

The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them. – Isaiah 9:3 (NASB)

© 2020 CGThelen

5 thoughts on “Hope Cuts Through

  1. Excellent. You’ve captured the desperation that many feel, while also offering hope.
    The line about looking before me but not looking up is spot on!
    I believe the enemy uses shame to keep many believers in their unlocked cells. They falsely feel they have failed God due to their lack of faith. But faith actually comes from God—not us.
    Again, well done.

    God’s best to you.

    1. Some days it is difficult to focus on Christ Jesus, but his freedom is always there. I am grateful God continues to pursue us with his love and grace. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings.

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