Seeking God

I climbed the mountain

In search of you

Strenuous effort

Sweat and toil

At the summit

I sought you there

Then I realized

Higher I must climb

I continued my trek

Step by step

Seeking you

To be closer

Another summit

I reached a pinnacle

And yet I sensed

Still further to go

As I moved on

I became closer

To you dear God

And your presence

A deep desire

To know you

To understand you

To love you

Then one day

I stopped climbing

I finally found rest

In your presence

10 thoughts on “Seeking God

  1. Just beautiful! Wishing you blessings and thank you for this important reminder. God is always right there with us, wherever we are.

  2. There are times when self effort does not cut it, while pursuing God. As we rest, we let the Holy Spirit draw us into the presence of God.

  3. I can picture the “belt of Truth” in many ways, but my favorite image is the one of the mountain climber’s belt. It connects me to the One at the top, keeps me from falling to my death when I stumble, keeps me from backsliding when I slip, and enables me to keep climbing until I get to the top.

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