Appreciating God’s Word

I have been reading Nate Gordon’s book, Airborne at the End of the Earth. It’s a great book filled with stories about Nate’s experience as a pilot working to reach people groups scattered throughout Papua. The stories are moving. Nate writes about experiencing the response of these people groups to receiving God’s word printed in their language for the first time. Many embrace the Bible weeping that they finally can read God’s word in their language.

As I read Nate’s experiences, I couldn’t help but think about countries who have had God’s word printed in their own language for a long time. Have they had access to Bibles in their own language for so long that it’s now common place—too commonplace? It makes me wonder if I truly appreciate having had God’s word available to me in my language all my life. Do I value the gift of salvation offered to me in scripture with reverent thanksgiving to God?

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