Your Forever Home

There is a place we call home. A place with our name on an address. It is our little square of the planet. Some have larger squares than others, but ultimately it is just dirt beneath our feet. The Pslamist reminds us in Psalm 49:11-12: “Their inner thought is that their houses are forever And […]

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Vanity Destroys

In 2 Kings we read about how King after King “did evil in the sight of the LORD.” Over and over they abandon God’s law and His covenant to pursue the gods of neighboring nations. However, there’s an interesting statement in the second half of 2 Kings 17:15: “And they followed vanity and became vain, […]

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Across the Generations

It’s hard to grasp the breadth of God’s reach across the generations. Our life is but a passing vapor, limited by a handful of years in the course of history. Yet God reaches across the generations with His Word. He created us, created communication, to carry His word across time. Take time to tell others […]

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Unseen Support

The Word of God you have today, the Gospel, has been handed down to you across generations and millennia. Countless unknown people provided the support needed for the many known people who carried the Gospel forward. The same was true in Jesus’ day. In Matthew 8:1-3, we read about the people who accompanied Jesus. We […]

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Bearing the Burden of Our Sin

We think of Jesus bearing the weight of our sin on the cross, but there is one man who also felt the weight of the cross — Simon the Cyrenian. Mark 15:21 tells us he was “coming from the country” to Jerusalem. He may have been traveling alone or with his family which included two […]

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Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

What do you do when things are not going how you want them to? It seems life just isn’t going your way. The things you hope for and desire are unfulfilled and feel as if they will never come to fruition. It seems God has forgotten you. The Israelites suffered from this same anxious feeling. […]

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Sorrow Knows No Bounds

I had just watched my mom’s casket lowered into the ground when I noticed a young couple about one hundred yards away. They were standing with their children next to a small headstone. I recognized the couple, so as family and friends dispersed from my mom’s graveside, I walked over and stood with them. It […]

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The Case Against Jacob

Judge: We’ve heard the arguments from the prosecution as to why Jacob is charged with deception for stealing the blessing from Esau. Now we’ll hear from the defense. Jacob’s Attorney: Thank you your honor. I am here today to make a case that perhaps Jacob is not as deceptive as we may think. I would […]

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