Calling Out the Faithful

Beloved. Hard worker. Kinsmen. Fellow worker. Brethren. These are some of the words Paul uses to describe the people he has worked with in spreading the gospel (Romans 16). Many we only know by name, but you can sense the deep appreciation Paul has for their belief in Jesus and willingness to share it. It is apparent these are people who encouraged Paul, people he admired for their faith. “For the report of your obedience has reached to all,” he wrote in verse 19.

This chapter in Romans makes me think about all the people I’ve known and admired who are strong followers of Jesus. Many of the words Paul used would fit these people as well. Like Paul, I have been encouraged by their faith and devotion to Jesus. I have admired their dedication to sharing Jesus. Many times I have been strengthened by these people during turbulent times in my life.

Reading Paul’s closing remarks to the church in Rome makes me think that I do not always verbalize my admiration for so many followers of Christ who have impacted my life. Likewise, just as Paul encouraged them in his letter, I too need to encourage the people I know with affirming words.

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6 thoughts on “Calling Out the Faithful

  1. Amen! I appreciate your witness of faith. Jesus calls us to connect with others during our daily walk of faith. As one more ribbon is tied, God’s grace is shared.

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