New Book Launches Tomorrow

Today I want to take a brief moment from my usual posts about faith and scripture to share some exciting news. Tomorrow is launch day for my new thriller Islands of Deception.

This is a clean thriller packed with political intrigue, corruption, and adventure without swearing, sex or excessive violence. It has characters you’ll care about who try to do the right thing as corrupt officials try to stop them at every turn. The book is available through your local bookstore or online wherever books are sold. Use my author name Chris G Thelen when searching for the book.

If you enjoy the book, I would appreciate it if you would write a review at online book seller sites and at Thank you for your interest.

10 thoughts on “New Book Launches Tomorrow

  1. Hi, Brother Thelen,
    I bought your new book off Amazon on Launch Day. It will be here by Monday evening. I got the paperback version so that if the power goes out for any reason, I will still be able to read it by candlelight. Congratulations and Good Success!

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