The Beauty of Delay

“Not another delay,” I thought as I sat at the airport gate waiting for my plane. Just a week ago my plane was delayed two hours and now on my return trip it was happening again. As I stuck my nose in a book to pass the time, I sighed and tried not to get stressed about it, thinking that maybe God had a purpose for it

By the time I finally boarded the plane, I wondered if perhaps God would place me next to someone he wanted me to talk to. Maybe the delay was so someone could board the plane? But as it turned out I had a row of seats to myself. I settled in the window seat, just glad we were finally ready to take off and forgot about God’s purpose for the delay.

A few hours later we made our final approach to land. As we descended I had the perfect vantage point, to see a magnificent golden sunset break through the clouds (picture below). At that moment it hit me that if the plane wasn’t delayed, I would’ve missed that amazing sunset. The timing as well as my window seat were perfect for me to experience a sunset in the clouds.

I praised God for that moment and for the beauty of his creation. It was as if he was telling me, “See how beautiful my timing is?” So often I get caught up in my agenda and my time frame that I lose sight of the potential God has in store for me for the day. I get annoyed by delays or things that interfere with my plans instead of looking for God at work in my day. I thank God that he patiently teaches us to follow his way.

#Retrospective: This post originally published January 17, 2019.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. My you trust in his plans for you this day; may you see him at work today.” -Romans 15:13

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14 thoughts on “The Beauty of Delay

  1. Truly, the timing of God is always perfect. It is not always easy to allow Him to be in control as we feel we have things to do and places to be. However, I am learning more and more how to rely on Him and His timing. It always works out better in the end!

  2. Even after all this time, I will still find myself dictating my schedule to God! How foolish when I look at these words; but sadly it is still sometimes true. I will get so wrapped up and intent on MY to-do list I will lose sight of the blessings that are right in front of me. Thanks for this reminder.
    Pastor Chuck

    1. I find the same thing where I get so wrapped up in my plans for the day that I miss the the little blessings God places in my life. It is hard to pause and reflect on what God may have for us each day. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Ah, mt dear, you are not alone! Like you, I get caught up in frustration when a flight is delayed or cancelled, when my carefully designed plans are interrupted. But, if I look for the blessings in the unexpected and trust God’s perfect timing, like you, I can relax. I know He is ultimately in charge. Thanks for the reminder!

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