Kneading God into the Lives of Others

“What is the Kingdom of God like?” Jesus said to the people in the synagogue after he healed a woman, “What shall I compare it to (Luke 13:18, NIV)?” It is a question for us to contemplate as we look at our role in the Kingdom of God. Are we working just for our own salvation, or to bring others into the Kingdom?

Jesus answers his question by comparing the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed and yeast, both very small things. But what strikes me about this illustration are the words “planted” and “mixed” (Luke 13:19 & 21). It is one thing to have a mustard seed or yeast, but another thing to use them to impact the lives of others.

In the example of the mustard seed, the man planted it in his garden. Over time it grew into something large enough for birds to perch on. Think of talents God has given you that you can sow into the lives of others who are in your garden; seeds that one day grow large enough to provide support for years.

In the example of yeast, the woman doesn’t just keep the yeast to herself, or just make a loaf or two for herself. Instead, she mixed it into “about sixty pounds of flour.” If you’ve ever made bread, you know that is a large amount of dough to knead. It takes a lot of hard work to knead that much dough. Yet that is what must be done to ensure the yeast is thoroughly mixed in so that the dough can grow in size.

God calls us to Kingdom work, to take what we have been given and put it to work so that it grows the Kingdom of God. Sometimes it takes years and a lot of hard work before we see how it impacts others God has placed in our life. Sometimes we never see the results of our work — just as we rest under and enjoy the shade of trees planted by others we don’t know.

Our Kingdom work can set people feee from the chains that Satan uses to bind them. What God has given us can advance his Kingdom if we “sow” and “mix” so it influences the world around us — so Christ Jesus can touch others, causing them to “straighten up and praise God (Luke 13:13).”

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15 thoughts on “Kneading God into the Lives of Others

  1. Sixty pounds of flour! I never noticed before the huge amount of dough that woman of the parable created with her yeast. Just a bit of the latter impacted great amounts of the former. Thank you for your insights, 140 C.C., that remind us to work with what we’ve been given, and not get discouraged if we don’t see results. “With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see”–Ella Wheeler Wilcox. So easy to forget!

  2. Beautiful especially the summation of the last paragraph. God can and does use us as we pray and seek Him with all our heart to set others free. We kneel in awe of constantly seeing His grace in allowing us to serve Him.

  3. I enjoyed your words. Using the word “Kneading” in the headline was very effective. The illustration is a beautiful testament to how God works through us to fulfill His plan.

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