Awakening Our Soul in the Morning

The alarm pulls me out of a deep sleep. I drag myself out of bed. I am disoriented as I slowly awaken. My brain starts to engage, as the day’s schedule slowly comes into view. I hesitate, seating myself down before I am overwhelmed by another packed day; before God is crowded out of my day; before I leave Jesus at home. Psalm 143:8 emerges from my thoughts. I whisper the passage to myself as I close my eyes:

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life (NIV).”

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13 thoughts on “Awakening Our Soul in the Morning

  1. I got excited when I read this, because I do exactly the same thing habitually! And I have often used that same verse for it! And when I saw the suggestion to “Join 777 other followers,” I knew that had to be Him! 😀

  2. Each day is a gift from God; it is His to fill, not ours! Let me share from Sarah Young’s devotional ‘Jesus Calling’ from March 10th. She writes: I (Jesus)have prepared this day for you with the most tender concern and attention to detail. Instead of approaching the day as a blank page that you need to fill up, try living it in a responsive mode: being on the lookout for all that I am doing.
    Pastor Chuck

    1. That’s a great passage from Sarah Young. Makes me think of how I fill blank pages on a calendar with appointments and not always giving a thought to what God would have me do with each day. Thanks for sharing that. May God fill your day with the joy of the Lord.

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