Prayer Journey—Seasons of Life

Dear Jesus, each season of life brings with it new challenges. Sometimes those challenges roll in like a spring thunderstorm with violent velocity that pounds with pouring rain, and a fierce wind that knocks me down. I lay on the ground in the aftermath of that storm, soaked and chilled to the bone, unable to […]

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A Guiding Hand in the Storm

There’s an interesting thing I noticed when I was reading Matthew 14:22-32. This is the passage where the disciples set out in a boat to go to the other side ahead of Jesus. While crossing, they are buffeted by wind and waves. Then they see Jesus walking on the water and are scared, thinking it’s […]

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Prayer Journey — Glimmer of Hope

The storm clouds circle above. Darkness blocks the sun. I scan the horizon, but only grayness prevails. I feel the turbulent wind engulf me; menacing, threatening to break the calm. A feeling of dread overwhelms me. Then I see a small break in the clouds. Suddenly a sliver of light pierces the encroaching darkness. Hope […]

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