When Manna Ceases

Years ago I lost my job after the firm I was working for lost a major client. Some people I knew at a major corporation heard about it and offered me a contract job. A few days later I was working on a project as a temporary worker doing similar work. The income was just […]

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Overwhelming Need

You can see them — they’re there. People confused and lost, trying to find their way in a world full of false gods; a world full of false promises. They are sheep without a shepherd to protect them and guide them. This is what Jesus saw in his day. Matthew 9:36 tells us: “Seeing the […]

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Past Due Notice

Ever get a past due notice? You know, the note that says you missed the due date for your most recent payment. Whether it’s rent, a utility bill or loan payment, someone is expecting payment. Do you ever feel that way with God — like you want to give Him a past due notice? You […]

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All I Need

I cannot measure up to God
Which is why he came down to me
I cannot raise myself up to God
Which is why he raised his son for me

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Prayer Journey — Need

Lord, I need you. When this world abandons me; lets me down; disappoints me, you are there. When hurt ravages my soul, you are there for me. When deep pain rises up to attack me, you are there. In the depths of my soul, as darkness seeps in, your light emerges with hope. I feel […]

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