Standing Guard with Prayer

Word of a new believer in Christ is a joyful moment, particularly if you’ve been praying for their salvation for a long time. It is also a time to shift the focus of your prayer to their maturing faith. Paul gave us a good guide for such a prayer in Collosians 1:3-12 after he heard […]

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No Thanks

Imagine working all day to fix a fine dinner for some special people in your life. The table is all set, all their favorite food is ready. You wait for their arrival, but they don’t show up. Later you learn they went and had hot dogs at someone else’s place instead of enjoying the nutritious […]

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Mighty Devotion

I am always impressed with the devotion of David’s mighty men. They stuck with him through the highs and lows of his life, often at great risk to themselves. They were willing to give their lives to defend and protect David. One act in particular demonstrates their devotion to David’s well being. 2 Samuel 23:13-17 […]

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Reaching the Rebellious

They were a tough crowd. Rebellious, obstinate and stubborn — the kind of people you want to give up on. Yet God called Ezekiel to reach out to them. “But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not, for they are rebellious,” he told Ezekiel (Ezekiel 2:7, NASB). He encouraged Ezekiel […]

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Leadership Void

It’s hard not to take criticism personally, but God reminds Samuel that just like they rejected Him all those years, don’t be surprised that they’re rejecting His servant…

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It seems impossible. You are in a difficult situation where there seems no way out. Your day is filled with dread. Such was the case for Peter. Acts 12:3-4 tells us that he was arrested and put in prison with “four squads of soldiers to guard him (NASB).” So the church responded with fervent prayer […]

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Sowing Tears

I couldn’t see it at the time. The trauma was too severe; the tears never seemed to stop. It was difficult to see any good in the midst of such awful pain. Yet God reassured me to stand firm, to cling to His Word and promises. Prayerful people he put in my life at that […]

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