Know to Be Still

“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

“Be still.” To be still means to stop; to clear the mind; to let the deep pain rise up unrestricted; to remove all that has suppressed it for years. To be still is to let the emotion go; to be vulnerable. Being still is to cease my striving; to let go of my stubborn self; to put down my guard. To be still is to know God. To be still is to let God permeate my inner being.

To be still is to let me know God, to know he is the great I Am. To know God is to know his loving grace, to know his peace; to know he is ever present; to know his steadfast love; to know he is everlasting. To be still and feel my brokenness is to know God can make me whole. In the stillness, in the quiet of my mind, I can feel his presence; I can feel his gentle touch. He places his arm around me and holds me tight, telling me, “All is well.”

Retrospective: This post originally published February 7, 2020.

© 2020, Chris G. Thelen


18 thoughts on “Know to Be Still

  1. Absolutely beautiful. This went into my spirit, and goes along really well with what Holy Spirit has been doing in my heart. Thank you, CG.

  2. It is in the stillness that God embraces our souls, holds us in His heavenly arms, as we hold our own children. It is where we find His grace explode within our being, and we know to whom we belong. The search is over; we have found our home. No longer can the weariness of the world contain us; we are free, children of God, our heavenly Father.

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