July Publishing Schedule

Each Thursday in July we will dig into the archives to reprint a post from 2018. In addition to new posts on Tuesdays and Sunday Praise, Friday Faith posts will also have a question for you to ponder related to the selected scripture. Here’s a recap of the July schedule:

Sunday: “Sunday Praise”: Take a moment to read this scripture of praise and thank God for His presence in your life.

Monday: “Prayer Journey”: Join me in prayer and share your heart, your concerns, your desires with the Lord.

Tuesday: Take a moment to read this short post and reflect on what God’s Word is telling you.

Thursday: A look back at a post first published in 2018.

Friday: “Friday Faith”: A verse with a question to ponder to help you follow God’s will for your life.

Posts publish at 6 a.m. EST in the U.S. Thank you for your continued interest in this blog. Blessings to you this day.

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