Prayer Journey — Accumulation

Dear Lord, in this life I have accumulated many things. Yet I am reminded this morning of what I have accumulated from you dear God. You nurtured my young faith decades ago, placing it in fertile soil and raising it up with the hands of your faithful. You have given me strength at times when I was weak and helpless. You have given me reassurance when it seemed no hope was left. You have blessed me with friends of deep faith who have prayed me out of deep holes. You have placed people in my life at just the right moment — people who have given wisdom of immeasurable value. You have given me life. You value me when I see no value in myself. You give me purpose when the world has rejected me. You have blessed me with the hope of eternal life with you.

© 2021, CGThelen

The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom; And with all your acquiring, get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7 (NASB)

7 thoughts on “Prayer Journey — Accumulation

  1. Your picture looks like it was taken at a garage sale. Auuugh! It’s much harder to get rid of stuff than to gather it, I think.
    Fortunately, God gives us “stuff” that we gladly accumulate and keep; treasures we can carry into eternity with Him.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is a picture of some of my mom’s stuff we were going through after she died in October. Which makes it even more poignant. She left behind all her earthly stuff, taking only eternal treasure with her. Blessings.

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