Prayer Journey – Worry

At the bedside, in the hospital we wait. Tubes and monitors hooked up to our loved ones, we wait for good news. We wait on God to bring healing; from the depths of our sorrow, we cry out to God for healing. Yet all we can do is wait; wait for the broken and ravished body to heal.

While doctors monitor our loved ones as they lay in the hospital bed, God monitors us; he knows our pain, our suffering, our sorrow. His one and only son Jesus was crucified, willingly sacrificed so that he could redeem us; so that we can be saved from the grip of sin and death.

We wait at the bedside of our ailing loved ones. We feel the pain of watching them suffer. We may even cry out, “God, why have you abandoned me?” But God is there. He is always there right by our side. Reach out to him and take his hand. Find strength and comfort in the one who knows your pain, the one who created you.

Dear God fill us with your hope, your strength, your peace. As we worry about the unknown, the future, may we find comfort in you. May those this day who are waiting at the bedside of ailing loved ones feel your peace surround them. May they know that God knows their pain. May they feel the hand of Christ Jesus upon them, the one who knows suffering and pain. May they find rest as they keep vigil over their loved ones day after day. In Jesus name we pray.

If you desire, share your joys and concerns in a comment so we can lift them to God in prayer.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:16 (NIV)

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15 thoughts on “Prayer Journey – Worry

  1. Praying now for a brother in the Lord, a missionary from Indonesia who was flown to Australia, his kidneys were failing from an infection. I just listened to a short video clip of him in the hospital giving praise to the Lord.

      1. update on this missionary brother, he is begin to get better, Doctors still need wisdom as they look for the source of the infection. they do a lot of medical in the tribe village they minister in so he probably has caught something not written in med books. I know this because my daughter caught something when they served there that comes from rats urine, rats are everywhere. Thanks for the prayers.

  2. It’s the chronic cares that feed our fear and take our hope hostage, wouldn’t you say? God, give us assurance that You will never fail or forsake us or the dear ones we love, especially when we can’t envision the end of the pain.

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