Prayer Journey – Worry

At the bedside, in the hospital we wait. Tubes and monitors hooked up to our loved ones, we wait for good news. We wait on God to bring healing; from the depths of our sorrow, we cry out to God for healing. Yet all we can do is wait; wait for the broken and ravished […]

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Fearing the New Day

The day dawns Fear rises from the east Daylight emerges Overtaking the darkness The day is ahead Yet I hesitate to enter it Anxious thoughts About a future yet to be Sunlight spreads Moving across the floor Cold feet Immovable as I grip the chair Sunbeam advances Warmth touches my toe Distressed thoughts Released as […]

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Between Fear and Faith

God has laid out a plan for your life, a journey that will lead you to “a land flowing with milk and honey (Num. 14:8).” With each new step, he asks us to follow him in faith. The challenge is to not do what the Israelites did and take your eyes off God, to not let fear take hold of you.

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