The Stench of a Grumbler

The grumblers. You’ll find them most anywhere and it seems especially in church. I’m sure you’ve heard them, the ones who complain about everything: “that money should’ve been given to the poor instead of wasted on that;” or “those large groups of people are only following him because of his charisma.” I know they’re in […]

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Eternal Screen Time

We live in a media saturated world. By some estimates more than one billion images are uploaded each day on social media and that doesn’t include the millions of hours of video uploaded each day. Then there are the additional hours of television shows and movies available for streaming. Woven into all of this are […]

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Waiting on Standby

To get your name on the right flight, you need to go through the travel agent called Jesus Christ. Dedicating your life to Christ means you will not be left behind, tossed into the Lake of Fire because your name was not found in the Book of Life.

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Sparkles of Hope

The pain is deep It eats at my soul My heart stiffens I ache for relief My body tightens Muscles tense Tendons strain I can’t move My brain swells Turbulence within Emotions swirl A whirlwind inside Tears well up Eyes close Salt water streams Touch my lips Body crumples Folding in half Whimpers break The […]

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