Prayer Journey — Laying It All At Your Feet

At this moment I have done all I can. There is nothing more I can do. She has rejected me. She has rejected you dear God. All my efforts seem for naught. Not even my love and concern for her can break through the wall she has built between us. I desperately want to reach her, to help her see the peace you offer, but she chooses to remain in darkness. There is nothing I can do and everything you can do dear God. This morning I lay her at your feet dear God. I lay my concerns, my worry, my longings before you and your capable hands. I pray you will hold her tight, that you will break down the barriers that prevent her from seeing you. May she experience your peace, the hope only you can give. I pray the evil that pursues her would be destroyed. Give her a powerful glimpse of you dear God and your light.

And immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he regained his sight, and he got up and was baptized; and he took food and was strengthened. – Acts 9:18-19 (NASB)

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