It seems impossible. You are in a difficult situation where there seems no way out. Your day is filled with dread. Such was the case for Peter. Acts 12:3-4 tells us that he was arrested and put in prison with “four squads of soldiers to guard him (NASB).” So the church responded with fervent prayer (5).

In times of trouble, when you feel there is no solution — when you feel like a squad of guards is stopping your every move — prayer is your a answer. Not just your prayer, but the fervent prayer of others joining you. Together in prayer, you humbly seek God’s way.

In the case of Peter, “chains fell off his hands (7)” and he walked past the guards and through an opened gate to freedom (10). Even though others were praying for Peter, the situation seemed so impossible that they couldn’t believe God answered their prayer. After a servant girl tells them Peter is at the door, they respond: “You are out of your mind (15)!” Only when they see Peter do they believe God has answered their prayer.

There are times in life when we are out of answers. It seems there is no solution. Yet God shows up in the most unexpected way with a solution that only He could provide. Like the church praying for Peter, we are shocked by our prayer being answered not in the way we expected.

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  1. With this post, the first thing I see is the “impossible” climb ahead of me. This image sets the stage for the amazing “real” drama which unfolds from Acts 12. Blessings to your continued faith and witness.

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