#WednesdayWalk — The Hideout

#Retrospective — This post originally published November 6, 2019.

The dampness in the cave chilled me to the bone. I pulled the blanket tighter around me. I looked at the faces of our haggard group of 50 survivors of this reign of terror. In the dim light of the lanterns I could see the fatigue on their faces. Yet there was an unmistakable joy within them, a joy that could only come from the Lord.

I stood and walked to our supplies. Even though we were holed up like rodents in this cave, we had food and water. Like our ancestors in the desert, we were given sustenance by the Lord’s faithful servant, Obadiah. Despite Jezebel’s rampage to kill us off, the Lord’s prophets, we remained alive. We remained faithful to our Lord.

At first I thought it was a trick when King Ahab’s administrator Obadiah gathered us together. I was certain we would be executed like the others. But I was shocked when he secretly whisked us away to this cave. The Lord had truly heard our cries for help. I had no idea Obadiah was a follower of the one true God. In the midst of such evil in the kingdom, God spared us. For what purpose I do not know, but here we sit waiting on the Lord.

In the quiet of this cave, we continue to meditate on your truths dear Lord. Give us the strength to overcome these evil days. No matter what happens, we trust you dear God. I pray you encourage your servant Elijah who we hope is still out there. Fill him with courage to stand against those who reject your ways.

#WednesdayWalk Through the Bible — an exploration of what unknown people might have seen or felt when they witnessed the events in the Bible. This post is from the perspective of one of the 100 prophets Obadiah hid from Jezebel in a cave based on 1 Kings 18:1-15 (NIV).

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