Friday Faith — Fulfill Your Purpose

I collect Bible commentaries that are around 100 years old. Each Friday this month I will share an excerpt from one of these books. Today’s excerpt is from Marcus Dodd, from his 1899 commentary, The Book of Genesis:

“If it is possible that you should share in the character and destiny of Christ, can a healthy ambition crave anything more or higher? If the future is to be as momentous in results as the past has certainly been filled with preparation, have you no caring to share in these results? Believe that there is purpose in things; that in Christ, the revelation of God, you can see what that purpose is, and that by wholly uniting yourself to Him and allowing yourself to be penetrated by His Spirit you can participate with Him in the working out of that purpose.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Faith — Fulfill Your Purpose

  1. And what could be more thrilling than participating with God in the working out of His purpose? Thank you, C. G. for sharing Dodd’s encouraging words!

    1. I like how these commentaries seem so relevant for us today even though they were written 100 years ago. Thanks for the comment. Blessings.

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