That Old Familiar Knock

There is a knock at the door

The hour is late

The house is quiet inside

A bare bulb lights the room

I am not expecting anyone

Who could it be at this hour

I carefully approach the door

Peer through the peep hole

I can only see darkness

I immediately know who it is

A familiar visitor from my past

I reluctantly touch the door knob

Clench my teeth, close my eyes

“No!” I whisper. “I can’t.”

I’ve come too far without it

Come too far to let it return

There’s another knock at the door

The pounding is harder

Memories and emotions resurface

Darkness wants to return

It seeks to immobilize me

Filling my life with sorrow

I release my hand from the knob

Step away from the door

The knocking persists, then stops

Silence returns to the house

Yet I know they will return

Old acquaintances testing me

I’m learning not to let them in

Learning how to deal

With the familiar knocks

Learning when to answer

And when not to answer the door

© 2019 CGThelen

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