God at Work in Unusual Places

It was just another day. He was there tending to his father-in-law’s sheep in the wilderness. Something catches his eye. It looks unusual. A bush on fire, but it seems it is not being consumed by the fire. His next choice is a choice that puts his life on a new course. It is a […]

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Prayer Journey—Fire Within

Kindle within us dear Lord a fire that keeps burning for you. May the light of Jesus within never cease to illuminate those around us. May they seek the warmth of your presence, a desire to know you dear God. Help us to keep feeding the flame with your Word so others will know of […]

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#10 The Seen Unseen

2022 Countdown of the top ten most viewed posts. This post was first published August 9, 2022. What if you could visibly see the presence of the Spirit of God within you? How would it change what you do each day, to have that visible reminder that God is there right with you? In Exodus […]

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