Listening to the Counselor

As you go through your day, how do you make decisions? How do you discern what is a good choice and what is a bad choice? Do you take time to pause and listen to the counsel of the Spirit of God?

In Luke 22:7-13, Jesus tells his disciples exactly what he has planned for their Passover meal. Everything is in place according to God’s plan. Yet Jesus tells his disciples to go and secure the room. They go and find everything exactly as Jesus said.

Notice that Jesus did not simply say, “follow me and I will show you where we’ll have our meal.” Jesus told his disciples what to look for — he told them God’s plan. Following God’s plan for your life requires you to be attentive to where he is directing you. Like the apostles, it isn’t enough to just listen to what Jesus says, we must also act on the directions he gives us.

#ThrowbackThursday; this post originally published January 12, 2013.

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