Shopping for Answers

In one job I had during my career, I handled a lot of customer complaints. Sometimes there was nothing I could do to help the person because it was an unreasonable request. Many times the person would then try to contact other people in the company to try to get a different answer. We called […]

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Questioning What Seems Obvious

There are days where it seems clear what you should do. An opportunity arises and it’s your chance to make things right. Yet your conscience gives you pause and causes you to hesitate to act — to seize the moment and take justice into your own hands. This is the situation David faced when he […]

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They were jailed under false charges by men who cared more about money than anything else. Not just jailed, but beaten and locked in an inner prison with their feet fastened in stocks. There Paul and Silas sat, punished for something they did not do. When I am treated wrongly, falsely accused or harshly treated, […]

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