The Overcomer of Suffering

What does it mean to be an overcomer? It is someone who has been trampled by life; someone knocked down by the hurtful actions of others; someone who has been crushed emotionally; someone who despite all this is able to pick themselves up, even if it’s just crawling, to press on; to keep moving forward.

On our faith journey the hardships of life can overwhelm us and crush us. Yet God’s truths do not fail. He remains an ever present help even when it seems everyone else has abandoned us. An Overcomer over comes all these trials and remains faithful to God. Their faith does not cease. In tears they cry out to God for help, for comfort, for compassion; their cries do not curse God, they seek God.

An overcomer lets the trauma, the sorrow, the suffering draw them nearer to God. They seek to let the pain transform them into a deeper love for God. This world is full of trials, but an overcomer can see that the pain here is temporary. The sorrow will one day be replaced with joy, eternal joy with God. In eternity the tears will cease as will the darkness. An overcomer sees this now. It is the element of faith.

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And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them, and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” – Revelation 21:3-4 (NASB)

6 thoughts on “The Overcomer of Suffering

  1. Well said. Your description of an overcomer is quite accurate. We do not escape the pain but have learned to take everything to Jesus. That is the secret of the overcomer.

  2. Amen. Our cries should not curse God, but seek Him. May we all respond with faith—even in the toughest trials—remembering that Jesus also had such moments. For example, when He prayed in the garden on the night He was betrayed. God Bless.

  3. In my experience of health trials these are just transitions to a closer walk with Father God, a gate to blessings from Heaven’s throne. God bless you for this lovely reminder.

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