Just Reach Out to Him

Suffering. Year after year of suffering. It seems all hope of healing is lost. Then you hear about someone named Jesus; someone who is healing people of their ailments. Could it be true? You’ve tried everything to relieve your pain, seen many doctors, but it seems healing is no closer (Mark 5:26). So much disappointment in the past; so much pain you’ve learned to live with all these years. You’re not sure if you have the energy to reach out, yet Jesus is near.

You say to yourself, “If I only touch His garment, I will get well (Matthew 9:21, NASB).”

It’s too much to come face to face with Him, but you feel you can put out the effort to just touch his cloak. You heard about others touching his cloak and being healed so you decide to give it a try (Matthew 14:36, Luke 6:19).

You press through the crowd of thoughts in your mind that come between you and Jesus. He is within reach. You see him in front of you. He is there. So much effort; so hard to just extend your hand toward Jesus. In the midst of your pain, you reassure yourself to just reach out to Him.

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12 thoughts on “Just Reach Out to Him

  1. I love the part too that Jesus knew she had touched on the hem of His garment. To have that kind of sesitivity to others…only Christ can give us that. To have the faith of that precious women, such strength for someone so ill and for so long. I would like to sit at her feet and listen to her teach. Great post, gave me insight into that powerful story. Thanks, glad I stopped by your site.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. There are so many humble people in the Bible who pursued Jesus with incredible faith. They inspire and encourage me.

  2. “Finally, you gather enough courage and reach out. All along your shame tells you that you don’t deserve Him. You try to get away quickly. Then you realize He noticed you touched Him. He is pursuing you until He is able to look you in the eyes. And at the moment He does, you realize He knows and loves you despite.”
    Oh, your words stirred my heart deeply, friend! THANK YOU

    1. I like what you added — Jesus knowing you touched him; Jesus pursuing us until we come face to face with him; knowing his deep love for us. Thanks for sharing that. Blessings.

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