Thunderous Praise

If you’ve ever been close to a massive waterfall like Niagara or Victoria Falls, you know the deafening sound of falling water. If you’ve been in a violent thunderstorm, you know the ear-piercing sound of a crack of thunder. This is what John used to describe the praise and worship given to God in Revelation 19:6: “Then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying, ‘Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns (NASB).’”

It’s beyond comprehension to imagine a great multitude of people singing praises to God in unison — praises so loud that they’re as loud or even louder than the crack of thunder or the roar of a massive waterfall. What a joyous moment that will be to have all mouths joined together praising God. No distractions, no hecklers, no mockers, only His servants “who fear him, both great and small (19:5, NIV)!”

Our praise and worship of God is only a shadow of what is to come, yet our praise to God here on earth is no less important. When we gather together to worship God, we come together as one. It is a time where we lay aside our self and orient our combined voices toward our Lord. It is a time to humble ourselves before the Lord with joyful anticipation of the time when we will be in his presence among the multitudes.

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7 thoughts on “Thunderous Praise

  1. Amen. I was privileged to hear a 1000 person choir in a closed arena. It was beautiful and we know it can’t compare with what’s ahead. Maybe I’ll even sing in tune then!

    1. That must have been a powerful experience to hear all those voices singing in unison. Maybe I too will even sing in tune then 😊 Blessings.

  2. I get goose bumps reading your post. God’s almighty awesomeness give me chills and bumps, and makes my heart race. My adrenaline surges when I feel His very presence. I can’t imagine John, still in his human form, experiencing these things. What will it be like in Heaven, when we no longer have the constraints of our earthly bodies? I can’t imagine.

    1. Oh, I do wonder what it will be like in the presence of God, praising him amongst so many of his faithful. You are so right, it is beyond our human comprehension. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings.

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